Jun 10
John Gulson Strike

‚ÄčAround fifteen members of the NUT and NASUWT went on strike on Tuesday 21st May in opposition to a new teacher appraisal policy which removes any limit on observations and has caused huge amounts of work related stress and illness amongst the staff.

The implementation of the new policy has removed muCh of the support formerly offered to teachers, and is being used in a punitive rather than A developmental way in the school.  The regime of almost constant observation is driving teachers away from the school with either illness or causing talented teachers to resign their posts.

Many other schools in Coventry have looked at this new, less supportive and more punitive Local Authority policy and decided that it does not fit the needs of the school and their staff.

We have sought negotiations with the management of the school to resolve this issue and to find a fair appraisal policy for our members, but since January there has been a total refusal on the management's part to enter into dialogue.

Our members were left with no choice but to take action.  The picket line was very well attended, with great support from teachers from other local schools and many parents.

We have called on the school's management to meet to negotiate a fair appraisal system.  Failure to do so has resulted in further strike action, called for the 4th and 5th of June.

Mar 28
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