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Ready For Action

The defining moment for teachers and educations in England….Make sure you're part of it.

In the face of the biggest attack on teachers and education for a generation, NUT Conference agreed a strike ballot of all members for discontinuous strike action with a one day strike in July followed by further days next term.

The decision was made after the government announced plans to force all schools to become academies and to de-regulate all pay and non-pay conditions of service for school staff​.

The government White Paper, misleadingly called Educational Excellence Everywhere, proposes among other things:

That all schools will be forced to become academies;

·       An end to national pay and conditions;

·       The removal of QTS and university based training;

·       The removal of parents from governing bodies.

The NUT has responded by saying that these proposals are the wrong priorities, undemocratic, lacking in evidence and a threat to all school staff – in all schools.

There is huge opposition to these proposals across the political spectrum – from Mumsnet to the Financial Times, from Trade Unions and the Labour Party to Tory councils. The NUT is seeking to build a broad alliance to campaign and defeat these proposals. On top of all this, school budgets are being squeezed more and more.

Strike ballot
As well as campaigning with others on the question of forced academisation, the NUT is preparing to ballot members for strike action to defend our pay and conditions. ATL Conference also indicated support for a ballot.

NUT Members in every school, including academies and free schools (not Independent Schools), will be balloted to demand that national pay and conditions apply in all schools and for national negotiations on these.

The threat to pay and conditions is real, we have heard of more than one academy saying to staff, "we will honour national terms and conditions while they exist."

This is the most important campaign for many years, and it is important that all members understand what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Meetings have been booked for Wednesday May 11th and Thursday May 12th at 4.30pm  Standard Triumph Club, Herald Ave, Coventry, (opposite Sainsbury's) These meetings are open to all members and it is important that every school is represented.

We need to ensure that there is an NUT Rep in EVERY school.  If there is no Rep in your school, why not volunteer?

Please contact us to arrange school meetings

 ​Ballot timetable

The ballot commences on Monday May 23rd and closes on Wednesday June 22nd

The intention is to start with a one-day strike in early July and further plans for strike action in the autumn term

We need a big turnout and a huge YES vote (although not affected by the Trade Union Bill, we need at least 50% turnout)

Ballot papers will be posted to home addresses – ensure your membership details are up-to-date ​