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​Strike Action 5th July 2016

Useful documents:

Guide to picketing              Frequently Asked Questions about 5th July strike action


​Why are we striking?

Government proposals will be incredibly damaging both for teachers and for the pupils that we teach. The following are some of the reasons:​

  • Government funding for our schools is set to fall buy 12% through this parliament, and with George Osborne speaking of an emergency budget this is likely to be even worse.
  • Nicky Morgan is clear that she wants all schools to be Academies by 2022. This is a huge threat to us all, whether in a maintained school or already in an Academy.  The drive to Academise all schools will mean the end of national pay and conditions. Issues such as your pay, pay progression, teaching hours, sick pay rates and allocation, maternity pay, redundancy rights etc etc will all be decided by the Chief Executive of your Academy Chain.
  • Huge cuts to funding at the same time as deregulation of conditions can mean one of only two things – mass redundancies or serious cuts to our pay and conditions. ​
  • The NUT campaign is for more funding for all schools and a nationally negotiated contract that will protect conditions for all teachers, no matter what category of school.​​